CYPHER releases Beta 3.4!

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CYPHER releases Beta 3.4!

Post#1 » Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:25 pm


The CYPHER Network is fully functional! We have launched a new version, Beta 3.4. We decided to push up this major release so we could resolve some issues players were having with the integrated distribution platforms.

A new dynamic installer was created that allows for better XNA and .NET prerequisites install, and is significantly faster at getting users into the game. Look for shortcut and start menu options to be added soon.

Some players were receiving incorrect version errors, and the updating system would fail. These bugs have been fixed. We are working to get the current CYPHER binaries up to date on all of our external game distribution hosts.

Permission issues are finally fixed! Admin access is no longer needed anymore to enjoy CYPHER if the prerequisites are installed.

If you are currently having problems with updating your previous installation, please download a new installer at

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