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Forum Update!

Post#1 » Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:52 pm

Welcome to the new CYPHER forum! It is still under construction, but it has been largely revamped and updated. We’re finally able to deploy it today.

You’ll notice it’s significantly faster, as well as a lot easier to navigate and read. Two sub-forums were merged for a total of four, and there is now a recent topics sidebar. Mobile support for the forum is also a lot better; the responsive web design accommodates this.

Try the “Play CYPHER” link on the top right! If you have security problems with the link, add an exception to in your Java configuration (Start->All Programs->Java->Java Configuration) and restart your browser.

This is just the beginning of the many updates we have planned, and we’re in the process of getting them rolled out as they finish.

Happy Holidays!


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