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Post#1 » Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:20 pm

November is here; how fast this year has come and gone!


We’ve wanted to say for a while that XNA is no longer a prerequisite for CYPHER. Well, that time has finally come; CYPHER has been successfully ported to MonoGame!

MonoGame is a modern, open-source, cross-platform framework. We chose to support just Windows (Vista SP2+) for now, but we have high hopes for other platforms (Linux, consoles, etc) in the future. Accompanying MonoGame is a shader version update, as well as a new shader engine resulting in greater resource utilization, as well as slightly better looking graphics.


Base Defense and wall turrets have been added! We took a different approach towards implementing this awesome feature, and we really wanted to make base defense a significant threat. Firstly, they have been built with advanced prediction code, so players will notice how accurate they are at hitting enemies. Secondly, if opposing agents always seem to be in your home, Base Defense can be upgraded! Simply purchase it again it the store, and it will increase the damage it deals to enemy agents.

A lot of fixes have made it into this release. Problems with the exception reporter should be resolved, as well as shortcuts that were sometimes not being created during installation. The updater received some attention too, fixing the slow download speed and timeout issues. Various miscellaneous fixes regarding rockets, blasters, and lasers also made it to the party.

One last note, beginning January 1, builds older than June 2014 (that have not been updated) will not be able to automatically update nor connect to the lobby. This shouldn’t affect many users, but we wanted to make the announcement anyways.

Thank you and enjoy the changes!


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